Dak Prescott vs. Derek Carr: How the Cowboys Qb Compares to the League’s Newest Rich Man

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Ashley Landis/staff, AP L to R: Dak Prescott (Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News); Derek Carr (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

signed a five-year, $125 million extension Thursday morning. For Carr, that means he’s now the league’s highest-paid player. For the Oakland Raiders, that means an up-and-coming team has its playmaker lined up through at least 2022. What does it mean for the Cowboys?

The Cowboys will face the Raiders and Carr on Dec. 17 for a Week 15 road matchup at Oakland. Prescott and Carr will battle off after their teams finished 13-3 and 12-4 respectively last season.

After both QBs made the top-15 list in the league’s ranking of NFL players by NFL players (Prescott was the No. 14 player overall, Carr No. 11), NFL.com writers recently compared the two: Who will end up with more Super Bowl rings between Carr and Prescott?

Of the seven writers who voted, four gave Carr the advantage, two gave Prescott their votes and one insists both quarterbacks will end their careers without any titles.

“Sorry to be a curmudgeon, buzzkill or otherwise, but at this point, either guy oughta be thrilled at the prospect of winning even ONE ring,” NFL.com writer Dave Dameshak said. “You see, while it’s quite easy for talent evaluators to declare on draft day a QB will win ‘multiple titles,’ the inconvenient reality remains this: There’s only ONE Super Bowl-winning quarterback each calendar year. (That means at least 31 other QBs finish the season disappointed.) Assuming a high-end NFL QB plays a decade-and-a-half, that ring math says his chances of winning it all figures to be … problematic.”

Dameshak said he doesn’t intend this to downplay Carr or Prescott’s talents, but winning a Super Bowl requires so many variables beyond a quarterback to go right that a good quarterback alone can’t accomplish the feat. Most writers agreed.

Writer Bucky Brooks gave that teamwide advantage to the Cowboys.

“The Cowboys are better constructed to have a long, sustained run of success,” Brooks said. “They have a spectacular second-year running back in Ezekiel Elliott and a young offensive line that’s the best in the business. They are still adding pieces to the defense, but I’d like to think that, as this team continues to build around Dak Prescott, Dallas will have a 5-to-7-year run.

“When I look at Oakland, most of the major players are already in their prime and I don’t know how much longer that can go. With the exception of Amari Cooper, everyone on offense is older. I just think Dallas is better prepared to have a long run, so I’m going with Prescott.”

Writer Adam Rank said that even though “the fact Dak and Derek are so talented and so young is kind of a scary prospect,” he’s leaning Oakland. What was his reasoning on the decision he deemed tough?

“I’m stalling right now because I’m really having a tough time trying to reach a decision here,” Rank said. “I like both quarterbacks.

“Give me Derek. Mostly because I don’t want Cowboys fans to be happy. Am I incredibly biased? Yes. But at least I’m up front about it.”

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