What’s The Best Grass For Your Dallas Texas Lawn?

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Are you building a new home in Dallas Texas or maybe renovating your current home but aren’t sure what type of grass to use for your landscaping? It’s a common problem for new homeowners, and if you get it wrong, your lawn could end up being a disaster. Keep reading below to discover the best grass for your new lawn where Dallas Texas home.

If you’ve spent any time in Dallas, you know how hot it gets there, and it’s quite common for the city to experience short-term drought conditions throughout the summer. For this reason, if you’re planning a lawn renovation for your current home or a new one, it is very important that you choose a grass that is appropriate for this type of climate. In Dallas Texas, the best grass for your home lawn renovation is Bermuda grass.

Common grasses used in most home landscaping come in two varieties: cold season and warm season. Cold season grasses are more suitable for more moderate climates that don’t get prolonged periods of hot and humid conditions. Warm season grasses are the exact opposite. They do best in warm and humid conditions. Bermuda grass is one of these. It absolutely loves the heat,and if you feed it properly with the appropriate amounts of fertilizer, Bermuda grass will grow like there’s no tomorrow. No matter how hot it gets, as long as you can get it a little water, it will do just fine.

It’s this characteristic of Bermuda grass that makes it a great choice for the Dallas Texas area. The climate in Dallas gets very hot in the summer but not too cold in the winter. This is perfect for Bermuda grass.

If you’re planning a lawn renovation in Dallas, you may be tempted to use a cool season grass because of how great it looks in pictures. Don’t do it! As you’ve learned from this article, a warm season grass like Bermuda is the best choice for the Dallas area.